⚡ Free Energy Generator! Solar Power From Space ⚡

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Real like model of space based solar power plant. It is not a working model but a clear demonstration of SPS-Alpha.

Can you imagine, deploying solar panels in space, capturing and converting solar energy to electricity right from the space and send it back to earth wirelessly. interesting, right?

Space Based Solar Power

In space there’s no atmosphere, its never cloudy and in geosynchronous orbit its never night. Yes, space is the perfect place for a solar power station to harvest uninterrupted power and can provide the earth with massive amounts of clean and renewable energy.

We know, On Earth solar power is greatly reduced by night, cloud cover, atmosphere and seasonality. That means its intermittent. The main drawback of solar power. Moreover, some 30 percent of of all incoming solar radiation never makes it to ground level. In space its always shining, the tilt of the earth doesn’t prevent the collection of power and there is no atmosphere to reduce the intensity of sun’s rays. How it would be, if we can harvest it?


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