1200 watt hour electric generator that only weighs 40 lbs :CES 2015

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We have probably all seen electric generators by now which are essentially just big batteries… more so than real generators. You can set them up at home for power outages or use them camping to run LED lights, charge your phone and run your laptop all at once.

The only problem with these generators in the past was that they were super heavy. Well Enerplex somehow built a high power generator that only weighs 40 lbs.

Pounds equal pain when you have to carry something…40 lbs beats 100 lbs every time.

The nice thing about these electric generators is that you can purchase large solar panels to recharge them during the day so you dont have to keep fossil fuel around like you do with traditional gas generators. Or you can keep both gas and electric generators on hand so you have layers of options. I like having more options vs less options.


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