600 Watt Solar Power Generator with Light Tower Mast

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Made in the USA

This solar powered generator with light mast tower includes one 18 foot pneumatic aluminum mast with compressor, two 295 watt solar panels, two 265ah 8D gel batteries, MPPT charge controllers and 300 watt inverter. This towable light plant features removable tongue and axles for secure, long term installations. The solar panels can be collapsed for travel and deployed by one person once the trailer has reached its destination.

This 590 watt solar powered generator recharges 530 amp hour capacity batteries. Compared to a standard diesel powered light plant, the new solar generator light plant can save the operator thousands in just a few months. Taking into consideration average diesel power generator unit costs approximately 6,000 dollars a month to run and maintain, the 600 Watt solar power generator could pay for itself via eliminated fuel costs in just a few short months. The solar power generator is designed for low voltage applications and is ideal for powering a wide range of our LED lighting products. We do include a 300 watt inverter which is used for powering the compressor.

Especially in situations such as entertainment events, remote work areas, security and other applications where the lighting must be placed close to the benefactors, the elimination of noise and fumes typically associated with diesel generators is a great benefit. Solar power generators offer a low maintenance alternative to traditional diesel powered generators that require refueling and a qualified diesel mechanic to maintain and/or repair them.

We offer a wide variety of options to customize this solar generator driven light plant, including 120/240V outlets, LED light heads, additional battery and panel capacity. We also offer other customizations including taller masts and stainless steel assemblies for saltwater applications.

We can outfit this tower with your choice of LED light heads and offer a wide variety of LED light bars, spot lights, flood lights and work lights which are fully compatible with this system. Contact us at Sales@larsonelectronics.com or call us toll free at 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or outfit this system with your choice of lights.


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