A lower-cost, next-generation Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems

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Technology Game-Changer: 24/7 Low-Cost Electricity from Solar Energy

This is a lecture about 247Solar – Breakthrough Technology. A lower-cost, next-generation concentrating solar power (CSP) system to replace expensive first generation CSP technology. It claims to produce electricity 24/7 at costs competitive with all other forms of power generation (10 cents/kWh initially, 6 cents with factory production). It also eliminates most disadvantages of conventional CSP, PV, wind, and traditional power called the 247Solar Plant™.

It was developed with funding support from the US Department of Energy by Wilson Solarpower Corp, a spinoff of MIT. Critical, patented inventions broke through CSP’s traditional complexity and cost barriers to creating a simplified, low-maintenance design with higher operating efficiencies. Its air system operates at atmospheric pressure, requires no scarce water to drive steam turbines, and eliminates the cost and complexities of molten salts and heat transfer oils.

Presenter: Mr. Bruce N. Anderson, Co-founder, CEO of 247SOLAR, Member, MIT Corporation (MIT, USA – Board of Trustees)

His accomplishments in the field of renewable energy are many, far too numerous to mention, and particularly in solar energy development. Began the solar career in 1973 with Masters degree at MIT. 1980 Advisory Board Member, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). 1982 First “Lifetime Achievement Award,” American Solar Energy Society. The author of 5 solar energy books. Twice testified to US Congress.

Bruce served as the 247SOLAR’s start-up CEO in 2001 and then again beginning in 2005. He was also responsible for initiating and managing co-development agreements with industrial partners including Wartsila, Alcoa, Praxair, French Petroleum Institute, Saint-Gobain, Corning, CoorsTek, and Oak Ridge National Labs. In 2008, he co-invented the 247SOLAR’s CSP technology and initiated and led its strategic reorientation to focus on solar.

Recording date: 9th August 2017


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