Advantages Of Solar Energy Brockton MA – Whats The Benefits Of Solar Panels – Best Solar Solutions

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Advantages Of Solar Energy Brockton MA – Whats The Benefits Of Solar Panels – Best Solar Solutions

Solar Energy Advantages Worcester

If you are looking for the best Solar Panel Installation Brockton Massachusetts Call US today to get one of our Solar Energy specialists to give you a free no obligation quote. We work throughout the Brockton area and cover zip codes from 02301 to 02305, Montello, Campello, Massasoit and Westgate.

An increasing number of Brockton homeowners and businesses are saving money on their energy bills by utilising solar power and installing high efficiency solar panels and cashing in on the Massachusetts solar initiative scheme.

Whilst the solar initiative scheme has reduced over the last few years, so too has the cost of installing solar panels. This means solar panels still deliver a healthy return on investment. Solar energy storage is also helping to increase the return on investment.

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy


* Cash in on the Massachusetts solar incentive scheme – If you install solar panels using an accredited installer you will be eligible for for the solar incentive scheme which pays you up to $8,080 over 20 years for producing renewable energy.

* Reduce energy bills – Installing solar panels will also allow you to reduce your energy bills by around 50% as you can use the electricity generated by the solar panels to power your property’s appliances free of charge.

* Protect from rising energy bills – As well as reducing your energy bills, solar panels will also protect you from rising energy costs. Over the next 20 years, energy bills are expected to increase significantly so powering your home with free electricity will limit the impact rising energy costs will have on your household’s budget.

*Environmentally friendly – Solar panels produce renewable energy so will help significantly reduce your environmental impact. By installing solar panels you can reduce your CO2 output by up to 40 tonnes over 25 years.


* High initial cost – Although you can expect a strong return on investment from solar panels, installing them requires a large payment upfront to pay for the solar panels. Solar panels can cost between $2,500 and $9,000.

* Requires space – Solar panels require adequate space on a roof that is shade free. Some properties may not have a big enough roof to install the desired size of solar panel system. That said, most homes in Brockton are suitable for solar panels so this shouldn’t be an issue for most.

Residential Solar Panels Information

Most homes in Brockton are suitable for solar panels; around 10 – 12 million homes are classified as ‘very suitable’ yet only around 500,000 have them currently. If you have a South, West, or East facing roof that is angled between 10 and 60 degrees, solar panels are likely to generate a significant amount of electricity.

Most homes don’t need to get planning permission for solar panels unless it’s a listed building or located in a conservation area. It’s always worth checking with your installer if you are unsure.

The Massachusetts solar incentive scheme makes installing solar panels a lucrative investment, with homeowners able to earn up to $8,080 tax free for producing solar power. The average domestic property will require a solar panel sized between 1kW and 4kW, which typically costs between $2,500 and $9,000.

Can I get solar panels for my business?

Solar panels can be a wise investment for Brockton businesses; they allow them to power their office with free energy, reduce their energy bills, cash in on the Massachusetts solar incentive scheme and show their customers that they are environmentally friendly.

Whilst the solar incentive scheme has reduced over the last few years, the cost of solar panels has also reduced. This means businesses can still expect a healthy return on investment by installing solar panels at their premises.

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