Ammo can 12v micro solar generator (new battery, improvements, tweaks)

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October 21, 2017 – Made some significant improvements to this ammo box micro solar power generator:
– New Interstate Batteries 12v deep cycle AGM 35aH (size U1)
– Hella 20a lighted rocker switch ($5 on Amazon)
– Drilled out “weep holes” in bottom of the ammo box (so it doesn’t fill up with rain water…ie, drain holes)
– Drilled a hole for the solar cable (with a rubber pass-through hole grommet). You can get those at Lowe’s for $2 or 3
– Industrial strength Velcro on the battery side (to keep it from moving…not 100% the way I want it yet). Two pieces of #2 pine on the front/back to keep it from banging around inside the ammo can
– Used a Dremmel cutting tool and trimmed the sides of the Hompie solar charger to fit in-between the battery terminals
– New DIY-made wire lanyard. Used galvanized picture frame wire, heat shrink tubing (two layers) 14-16 eyelet crimp-on connectors, and some screws, flat washers, lock washers, etc
– A couple of warning stickers (yellow triangle on the battery and red one for the switch)
What’s ahead? SAE connector for the grommet hole (solar wire). This ammo box generator weighs about 30 lbs. One can use lithium batteries but will need a solar charger that is correct for charging them. Lithium batteries def weigh less if that is what you’re going for.
How to get unlimited power after SHTF: solar generator

One of the best solar generators out there is the Inergy Kodiak with lithium batteries. It costs (about) $1,800. It is expensive and lightweight with about 1 kWh of power availability.

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