Battery – Solar Battery Options

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This video will review some of the best practices for battery selection. Visit us online at – Video is for basic product information only.

Note: This video is not intended to speak negatively / discourage the use of Interstate Batteries. It is a best practice video for a successful system. As we suggest to out of state customers is the best battery you can get “locally” in your area is the Interstate 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries which are easy to obtain at any Interstate Battery Dealer in your area, or if you are a member of “Costco” stores they have a complete selection of Interstate Batteries at the best pricing. I personally have Interstate Batteries in my car and truck but not in my Solar System, they are a great brand but their 12 volt line of “car, marine, rv and boat deep cycle batteries” will hinder your solar storage abilities.

Solar Penny is not liable for personal or property damage / injury caused by products in videos. Always seek the assistance of a licensed contractor for installation of electrical products. Contact your local building department to ensure your system meets current city, county and / or state codes.


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