Reportage of SEGS I and SEGS II, 43,5 MW of Solar Power Plants located at Daggett in Mojave’s Desert, California. Those SEGS are an hybrid Solar/gas boiler power plant. August 2007 by Giuseppe Tavella
Well before “green” became a buzzword, A.T.E. decided to build environmental businesses. Before “Make in India” became a thing, we thought it right to “invent in India”, and set about creating original and sustainable products [More]
Conozca cómo funciona el sistema de almacenamiento integrado de la Torre de Potencia de Concentración Solar Térmica de SolarReserve
Our 2014 Scholars search for solution video project. Sources: DuHamel, J. 22 August 2014. “Ivanpah solar plant wants to burn more natural gas”. Arizona Daily Independent, Accessed 4, October 2014. Fletcher, E. A. 2001. Solar [More]
Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Concentrated solar power systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large [More]
Ronda High Tech Srl opera nel settore dell’energia da fonti rinnovabili e costruisce e vende impianti CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) per la produzione di energia elettrica, di energia termica, vapore industriale e condizionamento. email [More]
Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant. How to make a mini solar power plant at home. It is a concentrating solar Thermal Power plant. Learn to make a mini csp plant at home. Heliostates Concentrate sun [More]
Beam-Down Solar Thermal Concentrator (BDSTC) This is a point focus concentrator of around 280 m2 of primary reflective area. The primary reflector system comprises of 33 2-axis tracking heliostats. This 100 kWth solar thermal concentrator [More]
In this Project we used Parabolic Dish Reflector to concentrate Solar Power, a boiler is used to convert Water in Super heated Steam which can be used to rotate Steam Turbine, which will rotate alternator [More]
SolarReserve’s Vice President of Engineering and Technology explains the difference between PV and CSP technology. Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology converts sunlight directly into electricity using PV cells made of semiconductor materials whereas concentrated solar power [More]