US Digital visits SkyFuel, a concentrated solar power plant, and highlights their SkyTrough which features ReflecTech and the US Digital T7 Inclinometer.
The video describes how the unique Fresnel technology of Novatec Solar works, explains the advantages of this cost efficient, carbon free solar technology and shows beautiful pictures of the world’s largest Fresnel plant, the 30 [More]
This is a great animation that shows how a CST plant works, created by Beyond Zero Emissions volunteer
Craig Shields talks about Concentrated Solar Power. In this session, the contents will focus on the physical and thermodynamic basis of Concentrated Solar Power: High temperature solar-thermal conversion, limits to the concentration of solar radiation and description of the main concentrating [More]
In this video, I give a simple explanation on how Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) works. This is the type of solar power that uses thousands of mirrors over hundreds of acres to reflect sunlight on [More]
PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO and, if you’re an Australian citizen, sign this petition to build this kind of plant in Port Augusta – Very few Australians are aware of molten salt storage technology and [More]
(April 4, 2011) Thomas Mancini, Concentrated Solar Power Manager at Sandia National Laboratories, discusses the state of the art in utility-scale concentrated solar power technology and elaborates on various deployments currently operating or planned for [More]
Why? This solar technology is distinguished by its use of mirrors to capture light and focus it onto a small generator to produce electricity and thermal energy. The parabolic optical dish follows the sun from [More]
From towers to dishes to linear mirrors to troughs, concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies reflect and collect solar heat to generate electricity. A single CSP plant can generate enough power for about 90,000 homes. This [More]