Off Grid Solar Power – My 600W Solar Power System I’ll be disconnecting from the grid by Christmas 2015. This is my interim solar power system that I’ll use to power my home until I [More]
A beautiful home in Brickell – Miami, FL! 77 solar panels and 77 microinverters power this home with $100’s of dollars per month in clean solar power!
This is do it yourself (DIY). if you are interested, you can contact me in Nigeria. 08034813811 or 08054305803 or 7187982396(usa). we will teach you to build your own panel. You will no longer experience [More]
Purpose: To explain, help others, and show what works for me. Renewable energy is key to sustaining a modern lifestyle if SHTF, off-the-grid living, saving money, helping the planet, and/or hobbyists.
How to build a solar powered recirculating hydroponic system for your balcony or backyard.
Guide to Major Off-Grid System Components. Many of you have asked for more in-depth explanations of the equipments installed. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback or questions and please [More]
This is a video of my project on Solar Power Systems. My setup includes 2 x 50 Watt Panels, 1 x 90Ah Batteries, 300 VA Pure sinewave Inverter and 12v/24v 10 A Solar Controller. Low [More]
now our ECS-SD-5W-4AH mini solar home power system have good price for sale . more than 50sets , the price can do 30usd /sets, EXW . whole sets include : 1, A grade 5w poly [More]
Diesel part of the Solar-Diesel Hybrid Home Power System for Off Grid Don’t over build your system and sell electricity beck. There are certain pitfalls by doing so. like having a smart meter. The smart [More]
Things of interest: Video of latest updates: Best Solar Deals that I know of: Solar panel in the video: 10 watt mono crystalline panel. Came with the mounting kit. Enough output to charge [More] | Find out the uses and benefits of home solar power systems. Learn how to build a solar panel to generate electricity for you home and cut over 80% of your power bills.