100% Solar OFF GRID House Never Be Without Power again. My Three most used sayings are. 1) A house roof looks unfinished until it has solar panels on it. 2) A man is not looking [More]
Let’s take a look at Solar Power and see what it really does. This is an ongoing series in addition to my weekly project videos. Hope you enjoy this brand new series! My last project [More]
Have you wondered exactly how a solar panel is able to make electricity from the sun? This video explains how by adding chemicals to two sides of a silicon wafer enables it to move electricity [More]
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Solar Panels can save you money. Are you spending a large portion of your paycheck each month on a high electricity bill? Over the last 30 years, utility rates have continued to increase by about [More]
What are solar panels made of? How do they work? What magic lets us turn sunlight into usable electricity? We tackle all these questions in this look at how solar energy works. Presented by Endeavour [More]
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Solar Impulse is an innovative project leveraging technological prowess and the spirit of adventure by means of an airplane – and has demonstrated that a solar plane can fly day and night without fuel. Launched [More]
To make solar panels we start out with…. ordinary sand. Sand is melted down and filtered to create a sheet of pure silicon crystal. Silicon crystal is a good insulator, that means: it doesn’t conduct [More]