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How does a P-N junction solar cell work?
Recently, Gujarat government had been launched Solar Policy 2015 which is for on grid solar power plant with NET Meter. This video explains complete system as the same.
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We are Jane Joyce, Sarah Lever, Clare Sims and Paul Weston from the engineering history educational charity Engineering Timelines. In this movie we explain how a photovoltaic cell works … using only our hands, a [More] Have you wondered exactly how a solar panel is able to make electricity from the sun? This video explains how by adding a positive element such as boron to the melted silicon rocks creates [More]
STOP! WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST: You may continue only if you feel comfortable with these concepts: donor, acceptor, electron, hole, doping, built-in potential, “space charge” or “depletion region” In this video, I’ll help you [More]
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This video shows you the detailed working of a Solar Off- Grid UPS/inverter. This kind of off-grid solar system can charge your battery and runs load through solar as well as mains. This most suitable [More]