Solar Electricity شمسی بجلی for Home (Informative Video in Urdu This video discusses one of the most common questions we get, “how much solar do I need for my square footage house”. We explain why square footage is not the best way to determine [More] 01 – Home 00:00 02 – Time Slide 04:41 03 – Insum 09:42 04 – Star Fruit 18:06 05 – Magnetosphere (Star Fruit Part 2) 19:12 06 – Stereo Hypnosis (Magnetosphere Part 2) 21:57 [More]
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This is a Solar Install i did on my Mobile Home. I worked on it for several months
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If you’re building a Home Made Solar Heater, watch this video first. This is an idea to use a Solar Heater in the Summer to clear out the hot air in your house
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How to make a solar cell easily (the most simple way still affordable a general family). The technology is there for you.