Assembly of the HomeGrid 3000 and 5000HD solar generator
The Sol-Ark EMP hardened solar generator is the most cost effective way to have off-grid power whenever and wherever you need it. Sol-Ark is powerful portable and affordable. You can find out even more about [More]
I reconfigured my bicycle battery pack into a 80 ah 12 volt LiFePO4 battery pack and combined that with a flexcharge charge controller and a 1500 watt pure sinewave inverter in a toolbox for a [More]
Available at: Big power and big convenience is what you get with this all-in-one 4000 Watt Solar Generator on wheels. Ready to go when it arrives to your door step with it’s plug and [More]
Basic build overview of the SOLN1-2000. This system is still a work in progress. The basic BoostPack is now a lot easier to make. Project Links: Ready made prototypes at Tesla Maker:
This is part three in our step by step series of posts on how to build your own DIY large solar generator (2,000 Watt, 4,000W Peak). In this step we will be mounting all of [More]
*Make sure to wear the proper safety gear when handling electronics. Happy Thanksgiving! Check out the new Leak Project Mobile Tour DIY Solar Generator Power Station. With a sleek new Renogy Monocrystalline Foldable 100 watt [More]
Buy PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator Ac Power Supply Energy Storage(Ultra Lightweight 12.3lb Built-in Samsung Li-ion Battery Charge From Ac Outlet solar Charger 12v Dc.. For more details please visit: Thank You! Great PowerOak [More]
The 2017 Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator is powered and replenished by plugging into electrical power when available, recharging by using our high quality solar panels utilizing our most natural energy resource, the sun, or on cloudy [More]
Amazon links: Inverter – Solar Panel Kit – Pelican 1620 Case – Optima Battery – See the full component list and buit details on our website: Music: Shurk – Innocent [More]
Successful charging of the Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator. Lithium Ion Solar Generator.
This is going to be a transportable 24-volt solar generator…bug-out box. Four batteries, MPPT solar charger, 1,500-watt pure sine wave inverter, and marine grade breakers. Already have two 100w solar panels tested out. Why make [More]