In a recent podcast I did with Ken from the Prepper Podcast we talked about grid down scenarios and what we can do about them. Right after that podcast I decided to build my own [More]
Check out everything that comes with the GoalZero Yeti 150 Solar Generator For More Info Head to SOLAR MAX 3300 EMP PROOF-DUAL INVERTER- SOLAR SYSTEM Super Heavy Duty, PLUG AND PLAY, Dual Inverters: heavy duty-3000W continuous power (6000W+ surge), 300 Watt Pure Sine wave), wall/chargeable via Schauer charger, (2) 105 amp [More]
This video shows the completion of the Solar Generator Trailer mobile array. It is rated for 400 watts of power production but has been consistently doing more like 480-500 so I use a 40 amp [More]
This is a Freshman build of a Portable Solar Charger, no expense spared, 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller, 123 Ah Deep cycle Marine Battery. Power outputs include 2 GFCI DC outlets in lower box, Jump [More]
In this video I review a solar generator I picked up at a recent prepper expo in Dayton, Ohio from a company called Solaaron. This is one of the most awesome alternative energy preps I [More] – Call For More Information -888-400-2920 Video # 4 Using The 100 Watt Solar Panel To Charge The L-1500 or L-1300 The L-1500 is all about practicality and endurance. This lightweight, silent and portable [More]
I had mentioned in my video of the DIY solar generator project that I would share one that our friends had made. They did a really great job of it and thought others might find [More]
Article: shows you how to take a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and modify it to be a Solar Generator like the GoalZero Yeti Solar Generators. These portable power generators can then be used [More]
Here is my solar generator setup. Firstly I would like to thank YouTube user ‘Feedthelibertytree’ for giving me the idea about using the Stanley rolling toolbox (pure genuis). Stanley Rolling Toolbox 100ah Deep Cycle Solar [More]
For more information visit our sponsor at: Check out the Yeti 150 Escape Kit exclusively at Powerful Products. See other Gizmo Chat product reviews at: Lee Stack takes a look at another Goal [More]
In this video I describe a Small DIY Portable Solar Generator. Putting together a couple of items that I saw on other version of Solar Generators, I ended up with something that is pretty light [More]