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The SolarWorks! Home System is a stylish lighting solution ideal for a two-bedroom home. It comes with five lamps – each with its own switch. You can also use the Home System to charge your [More]
Explains the four types of solar systems available: Grid-Tied, Grid-Tie Battery Backup, Off-Grid and Grid-Assist. We sell complete DIY Solar systems! Learn about DIY solar installations, sales and news: is your source [More]
The most difficult problem with off-grid living, solar, and wind power systems is the batteries. Traditional lead batteries are cheap but low quality and die quickly in the cold. What if a battery existed that [More]
Get This Cheap Charge Controller on Amazon: I currently have a little over 300watts of solar panels on my roof. I’m using a Xantrex/Trace C40 charge controller, which is one of the industry leading [More]
This video compares the specs and prices for 6 homes battery systems including LG Chem RESU, Fronius Solar Battery, Victron Lithium Battery, Simpliphi Powerbank, Saft Intensium and Tesla Powerwall For more details visit: Full [More]
Su-Kam’s Solar Homelighting System can sense whether it is day or night. When solar panels do not get any sun rays, it assumes that it is night time and switched the DC light on.
Mobisol entwickelt und vertreibt Solarmodule inklusive Batterie und Leistungselektronik in Afrika. Sie bedienen jeweils die Strombedürfnisse durchschnittlicher Haushalte. Das heißt zum Beispiel, sie laden mehrere Handys auf, liefern Strom für den Fernseher, erstrahlen die Wohnung [More]
Farida bought a solar panel to keep her tea stall open longer. Thanks to electricity, her children can now study in the evenings and are performing better at school. Like Farida, millions of people can [More]
“Uncovering end-user adoption and use characteristics for solar home systems in sub-Saharan Africa” Ognen Stojanovski – Research Scholar, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University Energy Seminar – May 16, 2016