US Mexico border wall is going forward and now prototypes and being built and it is possible that President trump will accept a solar powered wall that will help pay for itself.
Ken Howard The Redflow ZBM flow battery is a low cost, Grid Parity, energy dense, long life cycle, alternative, which affordably replaces: UPS Systems Carbon Fueled Generators Fuel Cells Lead Acid, Gel and Lithium [More]
Cody Peacock discusses solar power, its benefits and how it could influence the future. Cody Peacock is the founder of SpareRoof, a solar panel kit distribution company. Peacock has always had a passion for transportation, [More]
LOS ANGELES — A California startup has designed window blinds with solar panels that can block out sunlight while harvesting the solar energy. SolarGaps, based in Los Angeles, has designed each slat in the blinds [More]
Researchers have just found two new ways to make solar power more efficient. Could this solve our energy crisis? These Massive Geoengineering Projects Won’t Stop Global Warming – Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter [More]
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Kunal Munshi through this TEDx talk shares various perspectives and insights on how India could harness solar power to reduce its carbon imprint and dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, provide jobs and boost the [More]
We took a moment to speak with Henry at Jetstream Energy Technologies about Newgen, a new innovation in residential, commercial and utility-use solar technology. With Newgen, you can acquire 4x the energy of regular solar [More]
This blooming sunflower collects energy from the sun. ► ► ►
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Many say solar power is safe and better for the environment… but one plant in California using that form of energy isn’t as clean as many had hoped.