An explanation of why a prospective homeowner would prefer a home with solar energy using hard math
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Solar power pool heating can be home-made at low cost for those with low budget that cant pay the 1000 dollars, her’s a solution for aprox 300 dollars cost. You need : copper tubes T-joints [More]
I got a scrap 36 volt forklift battery that I plan to experiment with to see if I can put some of the cells into service for my off grid solar homestead. I have read [More]
OFF THE GRID! NO electric bill! Live the GREEN life! Cabin fully runs off solar connected to deep cycle batteries for electricity and wood stove for heat. Cozy yet quaint cabin on 3.11 acres. You [More]
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Visit for information on how to build your own solar. This is a simple example of a small yet reliable solar installation. Great for power backup during an outage or a small off the [More]