Khalifa University’s website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: ********************************************** Wireless Control of Self Sustained Solar Power Generation System Participating Students: 1. Nourhan Bayasi, Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2. Rawan Al-Kurd, Electronic and Electrical [More]
In this video we are going to show how to increase the efficiency of solar panel by using dual axis tracking.By using auto tracking we can increase the efficiency of system up to 25 – [More]
CNIM is a specialist in the construction of complex non-fossil energy power plants (waste, biomass,…) and can provide solutions for specific hybrid plants with biomass, desalination, process heat. CNIM CSP Fresnel technology: an efficient and [More]
“Sharp Solar TV ” shows how a photovoltaics plant is installed on a detached house
Key Statistics Plant Size :17 Megawatt Land Area :71 Acres No. of Modules :73,920 Module Technology :Crystalline Si, 230 Wp Structure :3,366 nos (~2000 tons) Total Person Hours :3,20,000 Hours Civil Foundations :13,440 footings Units [More]
A glimpse on the installation of the 30MW solar power plant by Saient Group.
Solar Tracking Sensor Renogy 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Renogy 30A PWM Charge Controller 85AH Deep Discharge Batteries 2000W DC-AC Power Inverter With 3 AC Outlets Servo Azimuth / Linear Actuator Elevation Arduino Controller Backlit LCD [More]
James may visits the concentrated solar thermal tower plant in Seville, Spain. This plant produces 10MW of electricity. Since this was filmed larger solar tower plants have been built in Spain and have been combined [More]
Solar power is booming around the world, despite the fact that solar panels are not terribly efficient. Right now, most only convert about 10% to 15% of the sun’s rays into useable and storable energy. [More]
Gujarat to become India’s largest solar power producer. Commercially exploiting large tracts of wasteland, Gujarat is set to emerge as India’s largest solar power destination. The Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, recently dedicated 600 Mega watt [More]
This is a split screen video showing a time lapse of the sun shining on the solar array along with the corresponding power generation animation generated from the solar panels. It does a great job [More]