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SolMan Mobile Solar Generator with lithium battery storage is showcased at West Coast Green 2010’s Innovation Pipeline producing a whopping 2000 Watts of electricity. Chaz Peling, CEO Sol-Solutions, Inc., is interviewed by Product News Channel [More] Mack Coyle is an inventor. At the Southeast’s largest technology Meetup group, Mack talked about Distributed Electrical Generation, Water Access (Sanitation and Hygiene), and Ecology. In addition, he brought two iterations of the [More]
Infinia’s solar power device which uses a parabolic mirror to focus the sun onto the heat exchanger of a stirling engine. The stirling engine drives a linear alternator which creates direct AC power. Each Infinia [More]
BORG India, a subsidiary of the US-based BORG, has launched solar power generators for the residential segment. Former Chief Election Commissioner Mr. T S Krishnamoorthy unveiled the first green power product ‘Astra Smart Grid Series’ [More]
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A DIY Solar Power Generator Using Ready-Made Solar Panel. Click HERE Learn How To Make Your Own DIY Solar Panels.
This video is a demonstration of the SPG-3000 Solar Power Generator built by Arc Solar Systems. In this video we show how to operate the generator as well as demonstrating what appliances and electronics the [More]
Israeli firm Brenmiller Energy aims to solve the conundrum of producing solar power at night with a new energy storage system that it says is an alternative to other solar technologies and will help provide [More]
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