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A listener requested this video to explain how to install a solar powered backup power system for his future home in Guyana. The commercial power is quite unreliable and he wants this system for both [More]
i went a little quacky and made part of my house into a startrek set.. this was actually a while back! but it was fun, all solar powered by a 10 watt panel and gel [More]
DIY Homemade Solar Power Bank Charger Battery with LED Light. I made this bank as a charger to keep my emergency cell phone charged when I go camping or hiking. This power bank is it [More] Discover everything you wanted to know about using solar power and how to build solar panels to your advantage and eliminate your power bill SolarEnergyGuide – Inexpensive and Excellent. By far the easiest-to-follow guide [More]
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How to create DIY Solar Power at Home – Among the alternate power solutions, the DIY solar power system and the DIY wind power system are the most popular being less cumbersome. Though wind [More]
Dave looks at his 3kW home solar power system after being in operation for 18 months and analyses the results. Original video: Timelapse install video: How much energy was produced? How does net [More]
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