Whole house solar power system grid tied rated at peak performance of 10kw. This video is NOT in any way affiliated with Astrum Solar or any other Solar Power company… it is for information [More] – There are a variety of advantages to enjoy when you have a solar power house. Many have the misconception that Home solar power system incorporating solar power house kits will be unaffordable. Although [More]
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Missouri Wind G4 blades now fitted. These give about 35% efficiency which is pretty impressive and have converted this turbine into a useful power generator. These amps are achieved at 25.5 volts feeding into a [More] Hot water heating takes a lot of electricity so it makes sense to build a solar hot water system for your home. Especially when its so cheap and easy to build yourself! A solar [More]
solar 1 kw power plant system in thanjavur- installed by solartek. cell:- 7373073884, 9842473881.
Last chance to win a free Lumsing 3 port cigarette lighter adapter with USB charging port. Details here: I took the entire day to rewire my tiny house solar power system with proper fuses [More]
This solar lighting system is Solar + LED which is best solution for solar power and energy saving,can power 2pcs of 3W led lamps and charging the mobilephone,it is ideal for ideal for rural households, [More]
SunPower Solar Panel System in Residential Home Installed by SunNation. Provides Solar Power to a friends Residential Home. Reduces his electrical costs.
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