Solar Panel Review. In this video we’re reviewing our 14 Watt E-Flex Portable Solar Panel and the Drifter Power Bank we use with it. We’ve been looking for a portable solar setup for the times [More]
Small solar power setup with a 20W polycrystalline panel, PWM5 solar charge controller and 7Ah SLA gel battery. PWM5 controller available from
Load List Calculator: This workshop will cover how to create a Loads List for an Off Grid Solar Electric System.
Torture test of the 100W solar power system. If you’ve been watching my journey into learning about solar power, you’ll notice that I’ve upgraded my simple solar system; I now have a 120AH AGM battery [More]
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Basic Solar Panel System Install, including Inverter, wiring, Control Panel and Solar Panel.
Not everyone desires to go fully off grid! But many people desire to be more prepared and more self reliant. This means addressing the WHAT IF we lose power! What if the SHTF really does [More]
Using a demonstration model, NMSU Professor Thomas Jenkins describes the different components of a home photovoltaic system that also includes battery storage.
The Japanese engineering giant Mitsubishi, has succeeded in transmitting energy wirelessly. Watch this fascinating report on how the Japanese are taking the lead in Solar power collection in orbit and transmitting it cleanly and safely [More]
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Wanted to show you guys my “Off Grid Solar Power System”. It is just running my office for now This is a 300 watt system. I have a Samlex 300w “PURE SINE WAVE Inverter” 12v! [More]
Mike Holmes joins Rick in Oshawa, ON to install a rooftop solar panel system.