Equipment used today: Zamp 40 watt Portable Solar Charging System ZS-40-P, 80-6 Meter-Alpha EZ-Military Antenna,ICOM-IC-718 HF-Ham Radio,LDG-IT-100-AutoTuner,18AH-Werker-AGM Battery Location: New Smyrna Beach,Florida Watch more Zamp Solar Videos Here: Watch more Alpha EZ-Military Videos Here: [More]
A full description of a low cost solar powered 12 volt LED lighting system at a back-country cabin.
Fortunately for us preppers, if the grid should ever go down we can generate our own electricity. Join us in PART 1 of the series, as we answer every question you would have in creating [More]
shows how to set up a “mini solar power system”. will run small lights, fans, air compressors and other low power AC and DC items. also will charge most electronic portable devices (tablets, phones, laptops). [More]
Lots of other planning went into this system. Dealing with Xcel and the building inspector were videos in themselves. Feel free to ask questions though. Remember to subscribe to my channel for new videos each [More]
Basecamp 2K – 2000w Portable Solar Generator System Introducing our new 2000w Portable Solar Generator System we are calling “Basecamp 2K” Because its powerful enough to power a small base camp in a off grid [More]
I’ve upgraded just a few of the weakest areas in my mini emergency solar power system. I now have a very useful and robust mini solar power and lighting system. Here are the details about [More]
DIY Solar Power System. This Solar Power System runs drills, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, blenders, can openers, soldering irons, heating pad, crock pot, computer, lights, fans the list is endless – all from one 3 [More]
This video will show you a complete install from start to finish. Solar Power Installed 5 KW system. Rise solar is the leasing company providing the lease, Solar Ray is installing the 5 KW system. [More]
Here is the solar charging system I made for my RV which will be parked for the season at the lake: Three 12V 75Ah AGM batteries in parallel for a total Reserve Capacity of 225 [More]
Understanding exactly how much power is stored in your batteries and how much of that you can use on a daily basis. This video also covers how power gets from your solar panels, to your [More] Solar System This is a video that shows the solar system solar panels, lighting and solar energy kits from Harbor Freight. Samlex 1000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 714-903-6599 White Doves Services for in [More]