This is a part two video on EMP or solar storm preperations. This video will focus on solar or alternative power systems and what I think about how vulnerable systems like these to survive an [More]
Wiring configurations for DIY solar panel installation. This is part 3 a solar training video for DIY solar installation and solar panel wire connections. PART 3 OF SOLAR PANELS. ADDING AN INVERTER WITH SOME [More]
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Will Falling Oil Prices Kill Wind and Solar Power? Dr. Steven Chu During your time at the Department of Energy the deployment of renewable energy in the U.S. doubled. Is the fall in fossil-fuel prices [More]
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–Fox News gets caught lying again, claims solar energy won’t work in the US because it isn’t sunny like in Germany, while the reality is that this is totally untrue. If you liked this clip [More]
In our go green segment we bring you this excellent example of Kochi which now boasts of the world’s first solar power airport making it also the world’s first ‘green airport’. Spread across 45 acres [More]
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Update video on my off-grid solar power system at the retreat location. Batteries: Charge Controller: Solar Panel Install Video: Generator Switch Install Video: