DIY mini Solar generator kit – the simplest free electricity generator that anyone can make. The future of Clean/ green energy.
A wide spread power outage occurred, and I filmed how I managed this with my solar powered generator. This happens sometimes when it rains or when it is very windy. It usually only lasts for [More]
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This engine generates magnetic free energy, this engine is better than wind power or solar panels, the free energy is free and generates radiant energy, this energy is zero energy is sustainable energy. This engine [More]
Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS Solar DIY Free Energy Generator Homemade Electricity Battery Backup
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This video shows how the solar power generator power up a 42 inch LCD TV, and you could judge how big is the generator size by comparing to the 42 inch TV. For any more [More]
The ALL NEW, just introduced in the USA, 10AH GUSTO features 80 Watts, 120 volts, 6 Amps of Power. The Gusto’s Compact size, light weight, under 5 pounds, long service life, up to 20 years, [More]
An eco-friendly solar powered atmospheric water generator designed by Salim Chedrawi
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