If you missed part I, please see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wVgUu7JXTQ In this second part of servicing an old forklift battery for solar powered home use I separate the bad cells and attempt to remove the [More]
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Well it is now the middle of winter and as both the mainly off-grid shed and on-grid garage have been up and running for a while I figured it was time for an update. Nothing [More]
This is my solar heater just before it was completed. Thanks to shoestring, my simple thoughts, my2cents and others for their thoughts and information, it was a fun project. I so pumped I’m getting 175 [More]
Found some solar powered tiny homes on wheels. These would allow someone to live mortgage free, off the grid and self sufficient. A tiny house is a way to live mortgage free and debt free. [More]
CSIRO has invented a new three in one solar air conditioning system that provides hot water, cooling and heating. It works by using heat from the sun and employs both desiccant and evaporative cooling technologies. [More]
This unit runs for free all day. Takes about 550 Watts. I use 9 Chinese grid tied inverter’s to power the house. I save about. 35% off my power.
This is my first solar project. It turned out very well, even better than I expected. I am currently using 100w of solar panel to charge two 125 Amp Hour batteries. These two batteries run [More]
SAVE ENERGY SOLAR SYSTEM http://wee2.me/solar FULL DOWNLOAD – Don’t pay for your electricity any longer… Instead, the power company will pay YOU! Click Here For More Details solar system solar system solar system
Video tutorial showing how to make your own solar-powered wireless security camera using an off-the-shelf solar panel and any wireless webcam. Supporting details at: http://jakeludington.com/solarcam
http://www.ecopoweredhome.com To find out how these people managed to eliminate their power bill visit: http://www.ecopoweredhome.com energy home power solar energy efficient energy home heating energy conservation energy saving energy efficiency bill energy energy cost energy [More]