You can now buy me cake and things to take apart at:- Finally I get round to combining a couple of recent teardowns into something new. This is a project to make the common [More]
In this video I show you how to make a small solar powered light jar. It is much brighter than the camera can show. It can be used as a gift or even in an [More]
I installed some solar powered fence lights beside my driveway, and I made this video to show you how they brightened up the area at night. The solar powered lights were only about $6 each, [More]
What happens when you connect a 21W light bulb to a 20W solar panel? A bright shiny light? Perfect synergy between power source and load?
SunJar by SUCKuk Ltd Three colours on show – Pink, Orange and Blue.
Self-powered light source using the solar cell and LED :). LED light bulb – solar cell loop. Simply free energy.
This video provides a product review of the LuminAid Solar-Powered Inflatable Light, showing how to use it, and what it looks like using it in the dark. Check it out here:
This is a review of 3-LEDs solar powered fence lights from a BYB user. BYB 3-LED solar powered fence light is an ideal device to be used for indoor and outdoor lighting. Features: Renewable power, [More]
Here are some 100% solar powered Christmas lights.
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I installed a solar powered security light for the driveway. It has two 4 LED spotlights and a motion sensor. Luckily the driveway is on the south facing side of the house so the solar [More]
Adding the finishing touches to the shed, installing the solar panel and making more progress with the plot preparations…. Here is a link to Sean’s channel: Misc Links: Tap with Microswitch: Submersible pump: [More]