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An interview with John Shaw of Shaw Solar in Durango Colorado, about the benefits of solar power for a home. Shane Dawson — Elevation Real Estate 970-769-2949 Video by: Solar panels for home, is it worth the investment? What are the benefits and drawbacks of solar energy for your home. You can find out more from the above video. For more information on [More]
Solar panels are being denied to certain states as utilities companies and politicians are looking out for their own interests in an effort to eliminate the competition. We look why homes are being prevented from [More]
TURN ON ANNOTATIONS Old As The Earth Technology, CAN DO, Electric Cooperation Bill A.C.E. Electric Bill For Month of May-June Current Usage Days 32, Electric K.W.H. Used 99 Daily Avg. K.W.H. 3.1 Total: Net Amount [More]
Get a free no obligation quote for converting your homes electrical system to solar and save. Rebates are expiring soon so Don’t Wait! Call now to get your energy savings proposal. It’s free and there’s [More]
Eco2Solar: 01562 745 265 This video features Eco2Solar’s solar PV installations at Barratt Homes’ site in West Bromwich. Eco2Solar’s Managing Director, is joined by Barratt Homes’ Senior Site Manager, Stuart Stokes, who explains Barratt [More] . This video shows different home solar panel installations. You can use home solar systems to save money on your electricity bills.
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