Photovoltaic solar power technology is being pushed to the forefront as a viable alternative source of renewable energy. Addressing the key design challenges involved in the development and implementation of these systems requires simulation tools [More]
A guided tour of our solar power system and how it turns sunlight into power for your outlets.
Stella, the first ever family sized road vehicle that runs on the sun has made its U.S. debut. While other solar-powered vehicles have been made for racing, the solar-powered Stella is the first vehicle made [More]
Please sign the Declaration of Endependence at . Short and concise explanation of solar photovoltaic systems. How do they work? Do I need batteries? Produced by the on-line local action network, Show us [More]
Great video from Bosch Solar on how solar panels are made. I think it is well made so wanted to share it. Here is my DIY Solar and Wind book that was published on Amazon: [More]
Co-Produced and Edited for NREL- National Renewable Energy Laboratory
This is a public presentation that was given at the Tauranga Library about Solar Power in New Zealand. In this first part of three videos, Kristy explains the difference between solar hot water and solar [More]
Clip from James May’s Big Ideas where a bunch of hippies burn and melt stuff with their ‘solar furnace’, oh and it has something to do with making petrol out of thin air.
The amount of solar energy that strike the surface of the Earth in one hour is more than enough to supply every person on the planet with electricity for an entire year. However, there are [More]
Solar Roadways has entered into the Indiegogo InDemand program: Video by Michael Naphan Check out our other videos for more info! “Mid Dream” by Michael Sempert David Engle music Movement Photographer [More]
This video shows my solar energy setup here in Manila, Philippines. There are three 40 watt panels, a 10 watt panel and a 5 watt panel. Suitable for charging devices, lighting and much more. The [More]
Check out the Laser Minigun review below! Hey guys! ExxotikGaming is back with another Pixel Gun 3D weapon review, and today’s review is on the Solar Power Cannon UP1! Pretty interesting gameplay recorded (not the [More]