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As requested here’s a breakdown of the cost in US dollars of the Enphase system with the Canadian Solar panels I installed in 2013. Keep in mind this price doesn’t consider the federal or state tax incentives, which would lower it significantly. I bought the panels, racking, and inverters from Affordable Solar. The video explains what the costs where and gives a preview of other documents I created for the town in order to get permits. I also included how I calculated the size of the system needed for the house. Feel free to ask questions and if your feeling very generous you can help me spread knowledge, inspiration, compassion and adventure around the world with monetary support. You can support me monetarily on my channel page in the upper right hand corner or by clicking on one of the support Jesse Hoff icons in this video. Thanks.

Full installation video with time lapse of me putting panels up.

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Systems been running for a total of 40 months: the one caveat to also keep in mind is that for about half a year we’ve been working with only 4 panels because of an addition on the house.


Update as of 9/5/16 the system has been running for

40 months total

It has produced 4.74 megawatts-hours total

1 megawatt = 1000 kw

So that equates to 4740 kwh total

4740/40 = 118.5 kwh per month

118.5/30 = 3.95

~3.95 kwh per day


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