Designing a Solar Powered Backup Power Source for a listener Part 2 of 2

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A listener requested this video to explain how to install a solar powered backup power system for his future home in Guyana. The commercial power is quite unreliable and he wants this system for both back up purposes and to save some money (if possible).

We look at some solar power basics then dive into:
– Calculating your loads and why efficiency is so important
– Picking a solar panel – what do all the numbers mean?
– How should I wire the panels? Series, Parallel, or some combination?
– Why use batteries, and how many of what type?
– What’s a charge controller and why use one? What does MPPT mean?
– How to get 120 volts AC for your appliances from DC? All about inverters.
– A summation including an alternate design using just batteries, a charger, inverter and some electrical gear.
– And countless other details, hints and kinks!

This video is not designed to be a complete reference into this subject, but rather a splattering of the kinds of things you have to consider, some of the calculations you will have to make, and what equipment you will need. I do not cover the details of how to install such a system, such as wire size/type, grounding, fusing, and similar details. As it is, the video is 1.5 hours long! We can do another video looking at these other details if there is a demand for it. Enjoy!

Part 2 of 2
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Always get a permit before doing any electrical work and get it inspected! Follow all codes and don’t cut corners! The host takes no liability for your actions – verify all statements on your own.


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