DIY – Home Solar Hybrid – Standalone – Grid Tie – Done!!

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Well, I think I’ve finally finished my home solar project. After doing a lot of reading, I believe I have an otherwise decent and safe system. I tried to design it around the NEC’s Article 690 as much as “practical”. I’ve added additional components, and changed a few things around. It’s been an enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience. I read “free” books on design, operation & maintenance, and safety, along with referencing the National Electrical Code in relation to PV systems. After playing with my new Grid Tie inverter, I’m convinced that it’s a good addition to any system that produces 500+ Watts of power. My system is not the best and my way is not the only way to implement a home system, but I hope my ideas helps someone along the way. For those that wish to truly learn about Stand-Alone PV system design etc, the following are excellent free books I downloaded and used:
1.) Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems – (by Sandia National Labs)
2.) Maintenance And Operation of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems (Sandia)
3.) Working Safely with Photovoltaic Systems (Sandia National Labs)
4.) Photovoltaic Power Systems And the 2005 NEC: Suggested Practices

Simply google the titles and download the pdf’s, and your good to go. Good Fortune, and have fun.

Latest Diagrams:
(Expanded System)

(Initial System)

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