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Introducing The Solaro Day™ — “The Skylight That’s Not!™”
There’s light outside, so turn off your old fashioned, power guzzling lights and plug into the power of the sun with the Solaro Day™. Start enjoying the benefits of solar-powered full spectrum natural sunlight in your life. The Solaro Day™ daylight simulator can be used inside your home, office or any other structure, on any level.

The Opto Semiconductors used in the Solaro Day™ are better than basic LEDs because they have a brighter light and longer life span.
Proprietary solar panels made with multicrystalline solar cells are designed to collect sunlight even on cloudy days, convert it into safe low-voltage, high performing simulated daylight. Outperforms tubular skylights in low light, on cloudy skys, and early and late day.
Durable white powder coated fixture will last for decades.

NO harmful UV produced by this light so no need to worry about fading carpets and furniture using the Solaro Day™. Both incandescent and fluorescent lights produce UV but the Solaro Day™ does not.

Creates the same daylight as a traditional tubular skylight without costly installation or cutting large intrusive holes in your roof or ceiling.

The Solaro Day™ is a truly green product! Over the entire life of the light — from manufacturing to disposal — the energy used for incandescent bulbs is almost 5 times that used by the Opto Semiconductors in the Solaro Day. Learn more click here
The Solaro Day™ has various powering options available. You can use it powered directly by the solar panel, from a battery backup, or from AC. If you want to power a few of the Solaro Day™ from one solar panel, you can do that too.


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