DIY Solar Panel System: Components, Cost & Savings

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Here I share with you every component I use for my DIY solar panel system, where you can buy it and how much I paid. I cover my solar panels, wiring, solar panel charge controller, DC/AC inverter, ANL fuses, Kill-A-Watt meter, 6 Volt golf car batteries, basically every component that you will need to build your own DIY solar panel system and save money.

– Grape Solar 250 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

– BZ 500 MPPT500 Watt PV Charge Controller:

– 6Volt Rayovac Ultra Pro Golf Car Battery:–Z–GO/TXT/TXT.aspx

– Samlex PST-150S-24A 1500-watt 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter:

– Battery Tender 24 Volt Battery Charger:

– Battery Saver Desulfator:

– 24″ Starter to Switch Battery Cable:

– 6 AWG Multi Strand Copper Wire, 60 Feet:

– 4’x8′ 1/2″ Plywood for Battery Box:

– 2-1/2 in. Polypropylene Wheel Swivel Plate Caster:

– KIll-A-Watt Meter:

– 35 Watt & 200 Watt Fuses:


octchung says:

why not use the gel battery?? it produces very limited hydrogen!!

morgan freeman says:

1500 watts wont power your house, will only power one toaster oven, I have
a 2500w, a 1500w and 800w and two 300w… and I dont have enough…

Brock Samson says:

In a end of society scenario how long would these batteries last before
they became useless? I love solar but I hate batteries.

Bubba says:

I used to watch your videos, very useful. (I stopped when you started
promoting money making schemes as an infomercial). Anyway, I thought I
would do you the courtesy of letting you know someone has reposted this
video as their own. The user name is Mehmet Can.

YeshuaLives says:

solarcity guy said i use 1500kw per month, is the system in this vid enough
for me? 

Thunder Wolf says:

I am looking for details about your product please leave
a message When I post this, I am looking for more
Information . ( DIY Solar Panel System : Components ,Cost & savings

Jesse Cole says:

Guys, make sure to get coasters that can handle a lot of weight. You know,
in case someone puts a really heavy drink on your coffee table.

Milan Janca says:

What if you use 12 volt car batteries in series to make 24 volts?

skippyxskippy says:

your wires are too small. there is a lot you need to know. go to school and
learn about power factor

Jesse Stafford says:

I have a question for the board and you. You have the battery tender hooked
up while your charge controllers are put away…question is would you be
able to plug in “say” a 200 amp 6/12/24 volt battery charger, into 1
single 120 volt wall outlet and charge your batteries, while your system is
powering your home with say a 4000w inverter…..May sound like a stupid
question, but I’m removing your solar panels and replacing with a heavy
battery charger……and looping your utility company power at a much
smaller rate, to charge your batteries which powers everything down
stream…….Ive been bouncing this idea around in my head, whats your
thoughts………my vision is 1 sub panel 120 volt outlet from the utility
company power, Feeding a 6/12/24 volt battery charger, depending on what
system calls for….Wouldn’t you think this would charge your battery,
which feed the inverter, which feeds your panel and everyting else…..If
this would work, wouldnt it bring down the cost of your personal electric

nelson dupree says:

Great video

Lisa L says:

Seems the MPPT is a bust… link is showing nothing

Doug Rennick says:

Please explain,should you have all the batteries separated a little more to
allow them to have air flow around them?

TheBenjammin5150 says:

Very nice setup…especially for the money spent.

Chandran Muthiah says:

Hi there,
I am very keen in Solar applications and since I have no knowledge of Solar
and electrical applications or installation, I hope I can keep in touch
with you to assist if when necessary.
TQ-Rick Australia

oetken007 says:

You have to isolate the wires too. If an EMP happens, it will go through
the wires and blows up your system. (Sorry for my bad english)

Thomas Norton says:


is this an emergency system? In so far as you activate it when necessary
but not always? Perhaps I am lost somewhere between the batteries and the
circuit panel.

Thanks tho, and congrats!

fighttees says:

Golf cart batteries are down to $100 ea at Batteries Plus in Bowling Green
Kentucky 270-393-8880 ask for Chris

filipina santos says:

if you have a new batteries, is it advisable to use the desulfator? what I
understand is the desulfator is onli for the old batteries.

Lisa Bell says:

Thank you. I am trying to make solar energy less confusing for people.
What a great resource!

skippyxskippy says:

also,y two charge controllers

Nosk 007 says:

im thinking right now that i could make a wind generator by using a
alternator to charge battery night and day combine with solar panel. also
use a circuit that prevent the battery from over charging like the vehicle
uses and 4.4k watts inverter electric regulator, battery’s ect…

onetwofive varma says:

Amazing job :) Tow things that come to my mind: Led acid batteries suck!
you will have to replace them, they are heavy, nasty and they cost a lot.
Buy “18650 GTL Li-ion 5300mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Battery for LED Torch
Flashlight” from ebay and make your own battery bank! They are very good
and very cheap and live long! Also the converter you use can be up graded!
12v to 120v will give you a huge loss during the conversion. Find a pure
sign wave converter schematic and build your own! make it 120 DC to 120 AC.
That will drop your losses to minimum! Best of luck my friend :)

Robert Taylor says:

What type of batteries are recommended to be used with solar power systems?

Lee Watson says:

Nice job thanks for the info on this.

Bio Power says:

Move your inverter out of there unless you don’t like and want to replace
it. Your batteries give off some sulphuric acid when charging, it will eat
your inverter.

Craig Martin says:

Can your system run the A/C – heat?

Dylan Spade says:

What is the total Kilowatts this produces??

Evilxtreme001 says:

awesome. this help me a lot

PLEZHUR221 says:

This is the most Clear & Concise DIY Instructional video I’ve watched to
date; and I’ve watched a lot :) lol – Thx 4 Sharing 

Treya Hooben says:
Gearldine Sweet says:

I like your system. Now I am going to have my own system.

101AOK says:

I have not looked at your channel yet but John Strabismus referred me to
you so I automatically subbed to you to find out abouyt your take on solar.
I look forward to your videos.

TheNorthwoodsman1 says:

Thanks for the info.

June Perez says:

2 thumbs up for your video

Kevin K says:

LOL at this video. I was thinking “nice set up” until you mentioned that
you had your battery bank on a tender instead of floating on the MPPT, that
you built the system in case of EMP, and that you were going to hide your
MPPT charge controller. Now I’m just thinking what a nutjob you are.

pros chum says:

I see 1 hazard inverter next to battery bank to me it a no no. Because
during usage battery produce gas and if the inverter blow up and produce
spark or flame you are in trouble. But really nice job and thanks for

gobbler6780 says:

So basically, what you did was 1.) Have 2 solar panels to make 24 volts 2.)
Have charge controllers give the electricity to battery’s 3.) Attach it to
an inverter to be able to plug appliances ?

Sorry im confused about everything @_@

EMFinduction says:

@ 5:30 – you need to relocate that inverter for 2 reasons. 1. Corrosion
and 2. Cooling.

Bob the builder says:

This doesn’t include what it’s going to cost additionally for the
electrician as well as anything that needs to connect directly to the box.
Also, why wouldn’t you use this to help reduce the cost of your
electricity and thus pay for itself?

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