Grants For Solar Panels For Homes – Easy Access!

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I was doing some research online the other day about incentives to go solar. I typed in “Grants For Solar Panels For Homes” into google and didn’t get very far. I found a lot of companies trying to sell me solar panel systems but I really just wanted to learn about the grants that were available. After hours and hours of research at the computer I discovered a fast and easy way to get a full list of incentives tailored to me and where I live. I decided to put a free guide together to help other people struggling to find this information. It will show you step by step with pictures how to get a list of grants for solar panels as well as other incentives you definitely want to take advantage of!


Another option to grants for solar panels for your home would be to sign up for a solar power purchase agreement.
Solar Power Purchase Agreements – customer agrees to have solar panels installed on their roof, and signs a long-term contract to purchase the solar power used. The price of the generated electricity is usually offered below the electric rate the customer is currently paying their utility.

Learn more about solar PPAs by watching a four minute video here:

Additional info on grants for solar panels for homes:

Federal Solar Energy Grants for Homeowners – Home Guides
Homeowner’s Energy Grants
The grants can cover up to 25 percent of a project’s total cost and are limited to $500,000 for solar energy systems. To qualify, you must own the home and be a …

Grants For Residential Solar Panels – Rebates for Your Home
Buy residential solar panels by getting a government grant for installing solar power systems for your home. Check the average cost, price and it’s worth.

Solar Energy Grants – Solar Energy At Home
Finding the right solar energy grants can help you take advantage of green energy! Find out what solar power grants you can use for your residential solar … – Grants For Solar Panels For Homes


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