Home Solar System Install by Sungevity

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Sungevity 12.75kW home solar system install (waiting on permission to operate)

Our install consists of 51 Hyundai HIS-M250RG Poly-Crystalline solar panels, 2 ABB inverters 1 PVI-5000 and one PVI-6000, Locus LGate 120 meter, and all needed electrical and mounting hardware. Installed by Sungevity and Solar Mite the local installer. The rear roof has 2 strings, 1 of 13 cells and 1 of 14 cells connected to the ABB PVI-6000 inverter and the garage roof has 1 string of 13 cells and the front bedroom roof has 1 string of 11 cells connected to the ABB PVI-5000 inverter. Each pair of strings though connected to a single inverter can operate independently, so its like having 4 independent strings operating independently. Guaranteed yearly output 15297kWh.

I would be happy to answer any questions that I can and would appreciate if you are going solar with Sungevity if you would use my referral code that is 2079750 or use this link http://www.sungevity.com/get-your-iquote?referral-code=2079750&oursun=email&ls=oursungevity-sungevity-us&#step-1

You can save $750.00 off your install and also help me out as well if you chose to install with Sungevity I get a referral credit on my system.

For me I have to say that Sungevity was excellent and far superior to the competitors. They were very responsive to all my needs and question, actually were the lest expensive, and the overall install was painless and totally handled by Sungevity. The local installer in my case Solar Mite was awesome they spent a total of 4 days doing the install, were always professional, did an excellent totally clean and neat install I am completely satisfied and can recommend both companies.

For this video we are 100% complete and just waiting on the local utility for permission to operate. I will do a follow-up video when we get permission to officially operate and go online.


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