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***I call it JENirator*** It is basically an ‘all-in-one’ or ‘complete package’ generator unit including the solar panel contained at the rear.

It is a mobile, portable, self contained, practical, 12v DC / 220v AC emergency power supply unit.

A very simple product that has been duplicated very well many times on YouTube. I thought I’d make the effort to produce one which may spring some new ideas in your minds……

This time I actually paid for the wood for the case, normally I manage to get it for free but I needed some thin / light panels so I bought a large sheet of thin plywood. I had the edgings left over from other projects many years ago. I knew they would come in handy someday……

Anyway, as you may be aware, a solar generator of this kind consists of four main components:
1.) Solar Panel
2.) Charge Controller
3.) Power Inverter
4.) Battery/ies

I have added a few protector items such as:
1.) 30a Schottky Diode to prevent reverse charging or discharging when the sun isn’t shining
2.) Separate fuses for each of the components
3.) (to be fitted) 30a Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect Module (LVD), To protect and prolong the battery life, prevent deep discharge of the batteries. It also automatically disconnects the battery at the settings of your desire. The smart switch will then auto re-connect when power is restored

This unit is great for the use of the following items.
1.) 220v fan
2.) Laptop
3.) Low wattage Lighting
4.) Radio / CD player
5.) 12v Cooler unit or 12v Aircon (it will power my AIRCONtraption unit

It will not function with the following 220v items:
1.) Air Conditioning
2.) Hairdryer
3.) Washing Machine
4.) Electric Heating
5.) Kettle
6.) Toaster
7.) Electric Oven

……etc, etc, in fact most items with an electrical element will not function as the unit will not have the power.

This unit is probably more classed as a “BACK-UP UNIT” in case of emergency, or when your power goes down.

However, it is also very useful when:
1.) Camping
2.) Caravanning
3.) Boating
4.) Trekking / Hiking (using the trolley)
5.) Log Cabin or Weekend Retreat
6.) Emergency Power

I hope you like my video, it was a one-take-only with no editing so I’m sorry about the ummms and urrrrs etc, during the take……

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