How to: Build a Cheap Portable Solar Generator!

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Hey All,

This is just something i have been working on for a while. just a hobby kinda thing.

My original need for this Generator was to be able to power appliances while out camping/bush without the need to carry around a petrol generator. While i don’t have the power of a petrol generator, i do have more portability and the opportunity to expand later on. this whole kit cost me less than $100 to make!

The main thing i want to use it for is to Power my Tool charger during the day and maybe phone/laptop at night. I have setup the Charge Controller to deliver a load while charging the battery, this means, while i am using power from the device, the solar panels will still charge the battery giving me a much longer run time than if i was just using the battery by its self.

It’s small enough for me to take on my motorbike, and powerful enough to run a compressor fridge for 11.25hrs.

The main components are;

20w Panel rated at 17.2v @ 1.17a
10w Panel rated at 17.2v @ 0.59a
12v 9Ah SLA Deep Cycle Battery
MP3128 PWM Solar Charge Controller

I will soon be replacing the PWM Controller with a MPPT Controller which should increase efficiency of the charge, thus decreasing charge time by about 10%.

This generator can be upgraded/expanded quite easily, if you want to use a bigger battery, just install it! it doesn’t have to fit inside the box. you can just extend the battery leads. to increase the panels, just buy bigger wattage panels and connect them.
too easy!

I will post some video’s of the Solar Generator in use at a later date, possibly even updates when the MPPT Controllers arrive! i still need to add a watt meter/volt meter as well.

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P.S. i also intend to use a similar setup on a Raspberry Pi to be able to power it from anywhere! imagine being able to login to your RPi from anywhere in the world and having a live video stream using Motion. As long as you have sun, you have power! the current setup would be able to power a Raspberry Pi for around 27+ hours! and with 5-6 hours sunlight per day it would be recharged to full, so you have a 1 day buffer. Not bad for a little system!


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