How To Build A Solar Power Generator In 5 Steps With Little Or No Knowledge

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I knew nothing about solar power when I started building my solar power generator. Of course I had to use the advice from people who did know, but I still made mistakes along the way. In this video, I go over suggestions (5 steps) to follow to help someone in a similar situation. Really, it about getting just the right amount of knowledge before making the phone call to the place you plan to buy your parts from and get advice. Although some of my info may be useful to people building a smaller portable generator, I am primarily talking about a solar generator that is a little larger (See mine for example). Some larger generators, however, can be mobile…on wheels etc…

Below are a couple stores you might try. There are more. Just Google solar power supplies.

I am not an electrician and just make suggestions based on personal experiences. If you are not an electrician, I suggest speaking to one regarding anything to do with electricity and your system.


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