How To Get Free Solar Panels From The Government – Facts vs Myths

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Close – How To Get Free Solar Panels From The Government

The best way to go solar is to do it for free! I heard about government incentives so I started looking into how to get free solar panels from the government. Initially I was excited about this idea but I started getting discouraged because it was very difficult to find the information about this. I spent a lot of time, hours actually, looking into how to go solar for free. Fortunately I eventually found what I needed but it wasn’t easy. I decided to make a FREE guide to help others save time. With this guide you’ll see how to quickly and easily get the information on government incentives you need to go solar without busting your budget. Please note that the incentives (e.g. grants, rebates, tax credits) are different depending on where you live so while you will definitely significantly slash the cost of solar panels, you still may still end up spending some amount of money.


In case the incentives route above doesn’t result in the solar panels being completely free, don’t be discouraged. Everyone wants to know how to get free solar panels from the government but the good news is there is another way to do it! It’s called a power purchase agreement and you can watch a quick 4-minute video about how to get free solar panels without the government. I actually think this way is more hassle free! See for yourself.


Now whether or not you find out how to get free solar panels from the government because of the incentives in your area, or you use power purchase agreements, the bottom line is you won’t be spending a ton of money! Cheers to that! If everyone knew about both of these methods we’d have a lot more clean energy use out there.

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