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Installing a home on grid solar power system is simple when you know how. Clearly labelled wiring and universal connectors make the whole process fast and safe. Watch our step by step guide to understand how your system should be installed.

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Installing your Home On Grid Solar Power System

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Your Solar Leading On Grid Power System will include:
1. Solar PV Modules -Mono or Poly
2. Grid Tied Solar Inverter
3. Mounting Brackets
4. DC Safety Isolator Switch
5. AC Safety Isolator Switch
6. Monitor
7. Ground Earth Cable
8. Groiund Earth Clamp
9. DC PV Connection Cables
10. MC4 Connectors
(11. AC Cables -optional )
(12. PVC Protective Cable Conduit -optional)

A qualified solar power professional should install your system in this order…

1. Fix Solar Panels securely to roof with brackets provided.

2. Connect Solar Panels together with the cables and MC4 connectors already attached to the panels.

3. Connect Solar Panels to DC Isolator Switch with provided PV Cable and MC4 Connectors.

4. Connect DC Safety Isolator Switch to Grid Tie Inverter at ground level.

5. Wire Grid Tie Inverter into AC Safety Isolator Switch, as shown, with solar panels disconnected.

6. Protect Cables with PVC Protective Cable Conduit, as shown.

[image of correctly wired DC Isolator, Inverter, AC Isolator and Monitor]

7. Arrange for a qualified electrician to connect the AC Safety Isolator Switch to your meter or directly to the Mains Distribution Board.

8. Enjoy cheap, clean solar electricity.

Solar Leading to a better future.

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