How To Solar Power Your Home A Solar Power Solution

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This video is not designed to be a complete reference, rather things you have to consider.

Basic Questions On How to Solar Power a House

solar power basics
Calculating your loads and why efficiency is so important
Picking a solar panel doing the numbers
should I wire the panels in Series, Parallel, or a combination
Why use batteries how many what type
a charge controller why use one What is MPPT mean
120 volts AC for your appliances from DC using an Inverter
an alternate design using just batteries, a charger, inverter and some electrical gear other details, hints and tips easy tricks & kinks ,Videos, DIY projects.

equipment used or mentioned in this video:

Solar panels
Outback FlexMax 80 MPPT solar charger
solar array
battery bank
outback inverter
Energy Grid tie inverter
Energy battery monitor
DC to AC converter
Micro inverters
power and cost of energy
Reduce energy bill / costs
solar pre-paid electricity / energy meter
Renewable energy

How to Solar Power Your Home:

What is “the Grid”
On Grid vs. Off Grid?
the best type of solar panel to install?
Do I need a battery bank….what battery technology
different type of inverters?
How much solar power do I need sizing the array
Measuring your energy consumption
How to make your home more efficient LED lighting, solar ,heat pumps
Is solar power energy financially viable
power factor in solar generated power Solar Power for your Home Free Electricity
Can I run my house entirely from solar power
How to Solar Power a Home
How to Solar Power a House
How to solar power my home

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