How to Solar Power Your Home House #2 How to save energy electricity for solar power HD

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In this video we look at energy / electricity consumption of a typical home and have a look at ways to save it. This helps to understand the solar power requirement / size the solar installation.

* LED / CFL lighting
* Energy efficient pool pump.
* LED / flat panel TV vs CRT TV
* Solar geyser vs heat pump vs electric geyser.
* How to calculate energy consumption kWh / kilowatt-hour
* Reduce your electricity bill and save money while getting ready for solar power.
* kill-o-watt meter
* kill-a-watt meter
* Fluke 43b
* Energy Monitors
* Energy efficient appliances
* Energy star
* Power rating
* Duty cycle
* Sky light to save energy
* Zodiac Flo-Pro pool pump / variable speed pool pump
* tempering valve / thermostatic valve
* Geyser wise timer
* Florescent tube replacement / LED tubes for lighting
* Life style changes for eco living
* Energy audit


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