Infinity Solar – Power Your Home with Solar

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Infinity Solar – Power Your Home with Solar
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Are you fed up with getting huge electric bills every month? Utility rates have seen an increase of about 6% per year over the last 30 years, not just for people who live in Southern California, but all over the country. Unless you cut electricity out of your life completely, there really is no way to avoid this price increase. However, there is a solution which can help provide energy to your home and keep money in your wallet. Many people turn to solar energy and our company — Infinity Solar — to help offset or even eliminate their monthly electric bill. It’s a very simple process: photons from daily sunlight enter strategically placed solar panels which are then converted to electrons via photovoltaic cell technology. These electrons become electricity to help power your home!

Of course, the weather has a big effect on how much sunlight is gathered on any given day but even cloudy days will yield a good amount of energy. The panels will transfer the energy to an inverter which will create usable electricity for your home. And, when your solar panels create more energy than you need to use, which will be very likely, your local utility buys back the excess power your system generated, issuing bill credits for your future consumption charges.

Your solar panels will not only provide you with an annual return, but will help protect you, your family and the environment. Storing energy for your home in battery form is the future of solar… and we are excited to say that future is NOW. If you’d like to learn more about how Infinity Solar can help you store energy in your own home-battery, just ask!

Solar energy can save you money on your electric bill. Give Infinity Solar a call today at 714-921-8168.

Current leaving a module, or array of modules, passes through a wire conduit leading to an inverter. This device, about the shape of a waffle iron, inverts direct current, which flows with a fixed current and voltage, into alternating current, which flows with oscillating current and voltage. Appliances worldwide operate on AC.

From the inverter, the solar-generated power feeds into circuitry of a household, business or power plant and onto the region’s electrical grid. A remote, or independent, power system also can form a self-contained circuit without connecting to the grid. The off-grid system, however, requires batteries to store power for times, such as night, when modules do not capture enough light energy from the sun.

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