Installing My New RV Solar Batteries And Power System

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I started to move my electroinics and solar power setup over to the new off grid RV.

It was more work than I had expected due to the weight of the batteries and the amount of connections involved. I also had to drill a few more holes in order to finish the setup.

The old RV batteries were moved into the camper and the newer camper golf cart batteries were moved into the new battery box in the RV.

I moved the powerbright sine wave inverter and the Tristar MPPT solar charge controller that Northern Arizona Wind & Sun gave me. Both are mounted together by the battery box.

I still need to connect the ventilation fan with a small solar panel for summer usage. In summer I only need to run the fan when the batteries are charging up. In winter or cold weather the fan will run 24/7 to keep the battery bank warm.

I now have AC power on demand in the new off grid solar p

I did not manage to finish the move last night into the RV. Tonight I hope to be sleeping in there full time now. I still need to get the carpet in there but there is not enough electricity for me to work on my computer in the old camper now. I need to find a way to get solar panels hooked up to it now. It is parked way too far into the shade for my HF panels to reach.


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