Installing Solar Panels on my Home by Astrum Solar, Whole House System

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Close Whole house video installation and demonstration with an explanation regarding rebates and SREC value in the State of Pennsylvania. This video is not in any way connected with Astrum Solar, we are simply customers and this video shares our experience with them. Astrum had a top rating with the PA Better Business Bureau and offered the BEST system we could find. Originally we were going to simply have small solar panels on each of our out buildings for goats, chickens and so on and then it just made sense to do the entire house and be done with it. New technology in solar photovolatics was introduced to the marked on July 11th of 2011 which vastly improved low light capabilities… this technology was made available to us via Astrum Solar and we found their warranty and service to be our BEST choice… here you have it.

Learn how YOU can afford to help reduce your green house gas contribution and safe money doing it you can lease or buy the system…


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