LFP 20 Portable Solar Power Generator System Overview

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LFP 20 Portable Solar Power Generator System

This is a video going over the LFP 20 Portable Solar Power Generator System showing how it works and how to get the most out of it.

What Is LIFEPO4? The Benefits Of Using LIFEPO4 Batteries. –

+ Safe Technology – Will not catch fire or explode if damaged.
+ Half the weight of an equivalent capacity lead acid battery.
+ Over 2000 deep discharge cycles vs. 300 for lead acid battery.
+ Double the usable capacity of lead acid batteries.
+ Virtually flat discharge curve means no “voltage sag”.
+ High discharge & recharge rate capability.
+ They can be left partially charged for long periods of time.
+ Extremely low self discharge rate unlike lead acid batteries.
+ Does not suffer from thermal runaway like Li-Ion or Li-Po
+ Can be safely used with no loss in performance up to 140F.
+ Absolutely maintenance free for the life of the battery.
+ Does not contain any toxic heavy metals like lead & cadium.
+ The most eco friendly battery chemistry available.

What Is MPPT Solar Tracking? – The most widely known advantage is an increase in useable power going into your batteries from a photovoltaic array. When a photovoltaic module is connected in a system which has a battery, the battery acts as a limiter to the voltage output of the array. A MPPT charge controller “fools” the panels into producing a higher voltage by “eliminating” their view of the battery in the system. This way they operate on their maximum power point voltage. This allows more power to go into the battery, up to 30% in some instances.

Reports from the field indicate that increases of 20 to 30% in total daily solar power harvest are typically observed by using MPPT solar tracking technology vs. systems lacking MPPT technology.


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