LFP 40 v3 Portable Solar Power Generator System Overview

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This is a video that shows you what our LFP 40 v3 Portable Solar Generator System can do and how it does it. The video also shows you the different portable solar panel options that you have to solar charge the LFP 40 v3 Solar Generator directly from sunlight.

We show you how the digital battery monitor provides important battery status information like State of Charge and Time To Go until the battery is empty based on your current power consumption.

The system weighs 19.6 pounds and is using a 40 Amp Hour LFP battery pack that is made out of non toxic ingredients and will not ignite or explode if damaged or punctured unlike other more dangerous Lithium battery types.

This is the perfect portable solar power generator for emergency situations were there is no power grid available and lights and power are needed to connected, clean water filtered, and light at night.

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