LiPo 50 50 Portable Solar Power Generator System Overview

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This is a video that goes over our new LiPo 50 / 50 Portable Solar Power Generator System.

Here is a unique portable solar power generator system that has a built in 50w high efficiency portable solar panel for recharging the built in 48 Amp Hour battery directly from sunlight. This system is good for powering and charging small to medium sized electronic devices like laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android, and many other items.

The system can supply up to 120w of AC power Continuous until the battery is drained, and short burst of 150w AC Power. The 12v / 48Ah battery stores approx 576 watt hours of power. So if your device consumes 30 watts of power the system in a fully charged state would power your 30w load for (30w load / 576wh Battery = 19.2 Hours). If your load is 120w the fully charged system would run that load for approx (120w / 576wh Battery = 4.8 Hours). If your load is 10w then you can expect a fully charged battery to provide (10w / 576wh Battery = 57.6 Hours).

The system has a built in bright and super efficient 3w LED Light that can be ran for days off a fully charged battery, or for ever if the system is recharged in good sunlight every day. Having the 3w LED light built in keeps you from having to carry around a spare lighting system. The run time for just the 3w LED light off a fully charged battery is (3w / 576wh Battery = 192 Hours). The LED light also has a SOS signal function that can be used to alert others in an emergency situation.

Perfect for powering lower power fans, tv, water filters, laptop, MP3 Player, cell phone, Ipod, Ipad, android, LED lights, ect…..


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